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Learn something new in the best way possible, by pondering difficult questions:

- Should they torture the fat man?
- Will higher bonuses provide better performances?
- Are you also tricked by the free alternative?
- Who has the highest pain treshold, men or women?
- Can people determine which glass contains Coca Cola in a blind taste test?
- Do we all think we are above average?
- Are women really better at multi-tasking?
- What do you buy when German music is played?


- More than three hundred mind-bending questions
- A bibliography, so you can learn more
- Questions on psychology, demography, behavioral economics and experimental philosophy
- Compare your score to the global average
- Dynamic difficulty level relative to how others have scored previously


'Just wanted to thank you for this app. I love it.'

Professor Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational